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# Welcome to MkDocs
# Welcome to the 9net docs
This is a test site hosted on [GitLab Pages]( You can
[browse its source code](, fork it and start
using it on your projects.
For full documentation visit [](
## Commands
* `mkdocs new [dir-name]` - Create a new project.
* `mkdocs serve` - Start the live-reloading docs server.
* `mkdocs build` - Build the documentation site.
* `mkdocs help` - Print this help message.
## Project layout
mkdocs.yml # The configuration file.
docs/ # The documentation homepage.
... # Other markdown pages, images and other files.
This is built from a repo on GitLab, located [here](https://git.9net/docs/docs.p.9net).
Currently maintained by Morgan, so I guess ask them if you don't want to update this or if you have any questions.
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